Alexander Williams: Rainwater for the Mind, Body and Soul

Damita Miller-Shanklin

Williams is a transplant from Northeast Brooklyn, New
York. He has been here for about ten and a half
years. He has seen the growth of Austin. When he
got here in the beginning he got the lay of the land,
because he wanted to know our community. From there,
he buried himself in East Austin. For three years, he was
really heavily in deep with his passion for the adolescent
population. After seeing the mishandling of the
adolescents he was leaning towards helping our youth
something different. But not the traditional nonprofit that
just addresses bad behavior, but life skills and how to help
them reach their self- actualization and self- realization
because they’re right on the fence. Williams started to have
children and decided to be the stay at home dad. He was
the CHO. The Chief Home Officer. During that time, he was a
heavy mediator. He is into the spiritual part of things.
Everything is connected in his eyes. He came out of
meditation one morning, and looked at his water filter. This
water filter was supposed to be great at the time. It
dawned on him that water is the freshness and pureness
of what is needed. It’s the fluid that connects us all.
Everybody, everything on this planet is connected through

Williams started Aura Rainwater in 2018. He did all of the
research and regulations and so forth before he hit
the market. Because when he hit the market, he
wanted to have all of what he needed to run a
water business without question. Williams
started to reminisce back to his reading and
research with Dr. Masaru Emoto. He was a
Japanese scientist that studied water for 40
plus years. And what he discovered was that
water basically inherits the frequency that
we give it. So if you put the experiment that
Emoto did, over a 1000 times by average
people as well as institutions, is he took water,
put it into a glass and said I love you and instantly
froze it and studied the crystals and the crystals
came out harmonious they were beautifully formed. He
took the same water and spoke words like I hate you, you’re
stupid and frozen and the crystals were distorted and
crooked. So that’s the frequency part. Williams got really
heavily into his work and believed in his research. He does
believe water is alive and water has memory. So that’s
some of the premise as well.

What does he mean by memory? So water is that element,
right? Whenever they go into space, they’re looking for
water? Where can we find it? You know, where’s the ice?
We’re made up of oxygen, hydrogen, carbon and water.

When it rains the natural cycle of the earth filters the water,
and then evaporates. When the rain comes down, it has all
the properties that are needed. That’s why the grass grows
greener. That’s why animals in the wild go and they drink
the water. But what we get as humans, we get the
aftermath, we get the water that goes through the ground
and gets into the aquifers. And then they pump it up. And
they have to take it through miles and miles of pipes to get
through treatments and add something to it and take it
away and make things palatable for us to drink. And by the
time we get it to our tap in our home or even in the bottle, it
has no nutritional value, it’s just completely dead. At Aura,
since we harvest rainwater directly from Mother
Earth, we’re partners with her. We like to say that
water is really alive.

Williams came to the idea of putting the rainwater in a bottle after dealing with his
research to keep the water as pure as
possible. He wanted to find out what was the
purest water out there. Williams grew up on
rainwater and having roots in Louisiana it just
all came together that morning when he was
meditating. Williams says, “As I was drinking the
water, it was like rainwater. It’s alive, it is empty, we
can shape it to what we need.” We took the
frequency and we actually embedded it into the water. So
you’re actually drinking structured water, because the
rainwater is blank. Remember, the water is clean and it
comes down as blank. And now we could actually
structure it the way that we needed.”

The Aura facility is 56,000 square feet. After Williams
captures the rainwater, and as that rain comes down for
every inch of rain that falls they collect roughly 23,000 gallons of water. And when they
collect the rainwater, it goes into a
few huge holding tanks. From there,
they take it through a trade secret
process that makes the difference
between the taste of the water
overall. The way Aura does their
process is “we mimic mother nature
as much as possible. In doing so we
keep the water structured and
whole meaning, it’s alive.” William
stated. So unlike the water that
comes to our tap, the Aura water
goes through treatment, removal
and stripping and the water is
completely healed. It is then moved
around to their holding tank. And
from there they go into the bottling
process, and they deliver the

Williams collects the rainwater off the roofs. When it comes off, they
are there with their piping, think
about it as a gutter around our
home. And when that water runs off,
it usually comes down, goes through
the gutter and then goes into the
ground. They catch that water
before it hits the ground. They are
able to keep up with their supply and
demand because the facility has a
65,000 gallon tank which is a lot of
water. They have a couple of those
and an end process that they pull
from. Williams states they have
roughly ten 20,000 gallon tanks that
just collect. And it’s continuously
moving. So we do have enough
water to supply for a long time. What
people should know about Aura
water is the taste. The best
comment Williams received was
about the taste. According to
feedback people can really taste the
difference from the most prestigious
water that’s out there versus the
Aura Rainwater. Hands down, Aura’s
taste is soft, while rainwater is
naturally soft and smooth from
some of the comments that they
have received. It’s also refreshing. It
has been said that when you drink
Aura Water, you really get an
experience. When they ingest it, you
know it’s made for us. “You can really
feel it throughout, you know that it’s
getting to where it needs to go. So
it’s very hydrating.”

Williams does consider Aura
Rainwater a specialty water in the functional
water space.
It is a new space where
they are taking water
and adding things to it
like oxygen, or functional
things that help the
body function, and that’s why they call it
the functional water space. Aura
falls in that category because we’re
rainwater, we’re not the traditional
water that comes from the ground.
And all of the benefits that rainwater
provides the body helps the body
function a lot better than traditional

The Aura Rainwater is available for individual customers. Their sales
and marketing has been
more direct, meaning, they
go directly from factory to
consumer, whether that’s B2B or B2C via an e-
commerce site, so it gets directly to the customer.
And the reason he chose
that route is because they
don’t want it to sit with a
distributor on a shelf
somewhere. Williams is very
strategic about where the water is
placed. You can find it at some
health locations, specialty grocers
and healthy food eateries. Williams
next goal is to market their five
gallon service. He finds that the price
point is better for individuals. As a
company, we are moving away
from plastic bottles, the bottles that
we have now. They are moving into
a composable bottle, in which you
can just toss it in your trash and you
know it’ll break down with no
problem. But we want people to
really utilize their own water bottle,
and get in the habit of hydrating
themselves. So the five gallon home
and business delivery is where we’re
focusing and really want to push
that product in that market.


Williams wants everyone to know
about their core values. Mind, Body,
Soul, and Conservation is a big thing
for Williams.. The mind and body

goes together hand in hand,
because of the hydration piece, and
the soul part, which is the spiritual
aspect. Indigenous people and our
ancestors always praise water, no
matter what. Because it is life. And
conservation, really, teaching
conservation, especially from an
environmental stewardship is what
we are, but especially in the black
community, because we have
environmental injustice, period.
Conservation is an initiative Williams
is serious about. He is pushing out a
campaign, which is their hydrate and elevate campaign for
elementary school kids. A lot of those
kids are dehydrated.

Williams did a study two years ago, at Austin ISD Blackshear Elementary
School. In observing the class, he
asked the teacher, when did the kids
get water breaks? The answer was
the children don’t get water
breaks. Williams was told the
kids go to the bathroom
but they don’t break for
water, like a hydration
break. Williams says.” No
wonder the kids can’t
learn anything, you
know, they are severely
dehydrated.” He teaches
students how to read their
hydration levels. As part of
the literacy mentoring program
at Austin’s Norman and Sims
Elementary. Williams goes there and
reads to the students once a month.
He also takes a case of Aura
Rainwater. After reading, they talk
about hydration, and they get a
chance to hydrate and elevate.

And lastly, Williams talks about how
a lot of our diseases black people
have are due to dehydration. It’s a
direct link, and there’s a lot of studies
out there. When we dehydrate, our
blood pressure rises because it has
to fortunately push that water in and
pull it back out. So it’s working double
overtime. That’s the cause of
hypertension. You know, something
just as simple as that could bring it
down if we were properly hydrated.
order your water or learn more
about the company.

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