She Speaks Wellness-Wrap Me in Your Arms

Contributing Writer, Minister Sonya Hosey

August Issue-Page 4

There is a song by William McDowell called “Wrap Me in Your Arms.” The lyrics say, “Take me to that place Lord; to that secret place where I can be with you. You can make me like you. Wrap me in your arms.” 

This song shares an experience of intimacy with God, which reminds us that there is peace, calmness, and security in God’s presence. It is like being embraced by a strong hug wrapped around you that protects and cherishes. We find comfort in this place with God. 

However, there are times when we do not feel his protection and believe we must manage life situations on our own, considering the myth of a “Strong Black Woman.” The enemy wants us exhausted, fearful, worried, and unprotected, which decreases satisfaction in life. Most of these feelings are habits that rob us of his presence.  

In Psalms 91:1 (New Living Translation), “Those who live [dwells] in the shelter [secret place] of the Highest will find rest in the shadow [protection] of the Almighty. We cannot find security if we remove ourselves from the shadow of the Almighty. We are to LIVE in the shelter, to find REST in His PROTECTION. His love is too great to leave us alone. We must come to maturity in Christ by understanding that our strength comes from God and not from ourselves. 

Lord, hide us in that Secret Place. 

Minister Sonya Hosey, 

Founder of She Speaks Wellness, a program under the Moore 4 Sisters Ministries, Inc (501c3).

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