Clautier “CeCe” Campbell

Where Healthy Body Meets Healthy Hair

By Damita Miller-Shanklin

Clautier Campbell is the Healthy Hair Queen. I got the chance to speak with her and discuss her business and how she merges a healthy body with healthy hair. 

Tell me a little about yourself?

CeCe: I started doing hair when I was in High School with braiding but then started doing natural hair. I opened Creative Styles Salon Suites that has stylists, barbers, and educators working together in one place. 

I added the Health and Wellness business called Royalty Fitness. The products help detox you inside and out. These products help with healthy skin and healthy hair. You do get new energy when you start the products. Some customers want to work out after taking the vitamins and this can be a part of the wellness. 

Royalty Fitness, the Health and Wellness business, started during the pandemic. It helped me out and it made me accelerate the business. During the shutdown, I did more products and kept customers on track with their healthy hair. I kept going with the main goal of working from the inside out. 

Can you tell me more about the products? Are you talking smoothes, pills you take? What are the products exactly?

The products are a wide range from teas and protein shakes to hair and nail vitamins. The products all work on cleaning toxins out of the body and helping with overall health.

As the year moves into 2022, what are you taking into the New Year and what are you leaving behind?

I’m taking forward Bosses Who Network. It’s a new organization I have started. I’m interested in mastering the importance of networking. I actually have an upcoming event on Feb 20, 2022. I’m inviting entrepreneurs starting out in the hair industry to come out and get information and network. This will be an opportunity to meet new people and help educate others who want to start a business. When I say this about what I’m leaving behind a few of my customers reading this may say, “Oh, no Cece.” As I said before I started doing hair at a very young age in my garage. I’m ready to get from behind the chair and limit my braid and weave business. I want to focus more on education and teaching young people, my princesses, how to take care of their hair. In order to start my new venture, my braiding and weaving will have to be left behind. 

Since you work with natural hair, what advice would you give a newbie who is in transition to natural hair?

If you are transitioning and you are starting out moisture is the key. Use deep conditioning and oils to get the moisture in your hair. Most people when they go natural they automatically go get products to bring out the curls. But like everything else you take care of your hair shaft on the inside to get the curls on the outside. You may want to get a deep condition every 2 weeks or some people can get it done every 3 weeks. After all of that, you can manage your curls and see what your hair will do. Don’t forget to get your ends trimmed and less tension is better; let your hair do what it will do. 

Any last-minute advice for women who are thinking about opening a business?

My advice to women entrepreneurs, especially Black women, who start different adventures is challenging. Write it down and plan it out. Don’t keep your thoughts in your head, Write your plan for the year, six months or daily. Chop away at the list. It will be easier to manage and don’t rush the process. I learned more about having faith during the pandemic. Lastly, have faith and if God puts it in your vision and he makes you see it, don’t stop, keep pushing and be consistent.  

You can find more information about Creative Styles at

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