How About a Mind Detox?


By: Laura Sugden

We all get a lot of information in our heads. Our brains work overtime trying to keep our thoughts
clear. It has to remember everything from names, birthdays, and more serious things like when are
school holidays or your next doctor appointment. Have you thought about doing a mind detox? This
is how you do it.

Here are five, simple, mindful activities to work into every day, to leave your mind feeling cleansed and

  1. Take time to focus on your breathing
  2. Write down three things you are grateful for
  3. Set your priorities
  4. Integrate small meditation sessions
  5. Journal to reflect

I hope you will try this when you feel overwhelmed or stressed out. It can possibly slow your heartbeat down, take away your anxiety and provide you some peace. 

For more information, go to Mindfulness.

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