Mental Health Is Not A Joke

January Issue

Damita Miller-Shanklin

Our mental health is something we need to all take seriously. My own journey with mental health at times has been a struggle. The recent death of DJ Stephen tWitch Boss last week really bothered me. I had no connection but the outcome of his life based on alleged mental health issues, I realized there are many of us in pain. 

I hear people say “he had everything,” “he had money and a family, he had nothing to worry about.” Well, in my opinion,  mental health has nothing to do with your status in life. It doesn’t matter how much money, how many beautiful children you have, homes you have, it’s not about things, stuff or people. It has to do with a deep pain that only you can feel. 

Because suicide is the last thing you can do to end the pain, many people find that it will eliminate their pain but they forget about the people they leave behind. I feel bad that Boss felt he had to end his life. Maybe he was tired of wearing the mask. We all wear a mask, but I feel those of us that struggle with mental health, wear it to where it becomes a habit. We won’t take it off and deal with what is really happening inside. Take it off and seek help.

I send prayers to the Boss family and especially his wife and children. It hurts when someone can’t find their way out and just end it all.

If you are wearing a mask and thinking about hurting yourself, please get help. Call our mental health line at our Psychiatric Emergency Services 512-472-4357. Reach out to your physician, reach out to someone. 

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