How To Relax Your Mind and Body

Source: Virtua Health, By Lauren Emma, LCSW, Psychotherapist

We are always looking for ways to improve our health and to stay calm and relaxed. We are living in chaotic times. We carry around many things in our minds that may affect our physical bodies. Stress has almost become second nature. What is life without a little stress these days right? 

Lauren Emma, LCSW wrote about 10 Quick Ways to De-stress. Here are a few ways she recommends to de-stress.

  1. Practice Breathing Exercising concentrating on inhaling and exhaling
  2. Mediate to help quiet your mind 
  3. Mindfulness helps you check in with yourself
  4. Practice Gratitude because we can’t have joy without practicing gratitude
  5. Call a support person that you can talk with during stressful times or unwind after a long day

If you want to know more ways to de-stress make sure you read the rest of the article 10 Quick Ways to De-Stress | Virtua Behavioral Health, NJ

We have to remember to take care of ourselves.

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