February Issue: Jasmine Paul: Generational Wealth Starts With You

Ujima Magazine’s February issue is about legacy and generational wealth. We are celebrating Black History month as well. What are we teaching our next generation about how to save and invest for your future and your children’s future. Leaving a legacy does not always mean monetary and our feature, Jasmine Paul, discusses how she teaches our future generation about budgeting and understanding money.

Jasmine Paul is an award-winning children’s book author, Certified Financial Education Instructor, and speaker focused on making wealth fun! Her first book, A Boy, a Budget, and a Dream, was named Parents.com Top 10 Best Books to Teach Kids about Money, was selected in 2022 “Thinking Money for All Kids: Diverse and Inclusive Reads to Teach Young People about Money” American Library Association in collaboration with the FINRA Investor Education Foundation,  and has helped readers save over $5K. She has taught workshops and engagements for the Oakland/Berkley YWCA, the Taco Bell Foundation, Tampa Bay Startup Week, and more. Learn more about Jasmine and her books at thewealthplayground.com

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