Passion to Purpose, PG-15

“With the two hands that you have, one is for holding onto the precious moments of the present, while the other should be an open palm for the hopes of the future. Therefore, there’s no hand left to hold onto the past.” As the New Year begins, we have a fresh opportunity to reach for never before set and targeted goals. No more creating New … Continue reading Passion to Purpose, PG-15

Enjoy the Ride from Passion to Purpose

Just like a roller coaster ride, the journey to affect change or create a successful enterprise is where the excitement lies. Not in the destination. Enjoy the Ride! Envision you’re at the pinnacle of your greatest dream, being honored for your impact on the multitude that has benefitted from the gift you’ve shared with all. As you sit there taking in the introduction of you … Continue reading Enjoy the Ride from Passion to Purpose