Shout Out Wednesday!

Community Shout Out Immunizations It’s that time again. Yes, you are right, school just let out and now it’s time to think about returning next month. When I was young, I did not like the shots but I loved to new clothes and school supplies. In order for everyone to return to school smoothly, parents need to ensure their children have the proper immunizations. The … Continue reading Shout Out Wednesday!

Short and Sweet Friday

Welcome, Ujima Friends to Short and Sweet Friday. Short and Sweet Friday highlights our week and gives you some information and resources that you can use. This is what happened this week: Website Stories ICYMI:  How About Daytripping? Manos-De-Cristo Back To Schoo Event  What Do You Know About The Zika Virus? Resources: if you are like most business owners keeping your social media platforms … Continue reading Short and Sweet Friday

Business Coaching: Will You Invest In Your Self?

Have you thought about investing in business coaching to get some clarity and guidance? I caught up with Regina Weeks, also known as Coach Regina Weeks to understand how Business Coaching can help you become a success. Ujima:What lead you to become a business coach? Regina: Great question. I stumbled across it. It was a time that people did not have access to coaching , … Continue reading Business Coaching: Will You Invest In Your Self?

The Six Key Questions To Ask About Branding

Are You Purposefully Branding? In March, Jane Sanford of Thrive Simple, spoke at the Community Spotlight and Networking with Ujima event. She was a dynamic speaker and we all took away a tip or two that will help us improve our branding for our businesses. We enjoyed the “couch talk” and these are the tips I wanted to share with all of you. The Six … Continue reading The Six Key Questions To Ask About Branding

Crowdsourcing? Kickstarter? What About Diversity Fund?

I met Charlie Jackson at Metropolitan Breakfast Club a few years ago. At the time, he was with another company but I was intrigued by how he always has a new company he was starting or supporting. When he introduced Diversity Fund as his new company, the words “diversity” and “fund” perked my ears. As a entrepreneur, you realize how important funding can be to … Continue reading Crowdsourcing? Kickstarter? What About Diversity Fund?